Michael Nogelo

Michael Nogelo, Senior Associate with Cross Sector Consulting, joined our team in 2005. Mike’s leadership ability, competitive spirit, and total team commitment raise everyone’s level of contribution to a project – exactly what you should expect from the former Division III National Basketball Player of the Year.

Michael attended Williams College and earned a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Yale University. Adding scholarly and technical skills in this area fits perfectly with his generous heart and zest for leaving the world in a better place than he found it. For example, Michael worked as a counselor at a transitional living program for homeless teenagers. He saw the nonprofit sector from a different viewpoint as part of the donor relations team for the Fidelity Charitable Gift fund, the largest donor-advised philanthropic fund in the country.

Michael’s talents take him into very different settings. You will find him at his computer writing technical documents, off-site facilitating meetings with high level officials, conducting client interviews and focus groups (in English and Spanish), and even squeezing into undersized chairs to observe after-school programs in elementary schools. Michael’s flexible skill set and positive approach allow him to lead and staff projects across early childhood, education, youth development, workforce, and human/social services. His experience in the industry allows him to work equally effectively within an organization or across multi-partner, multi-state initiatives.

Just like he did playing basketball professionally in Europe, Michael can make effortless transitions because of strong fundamentals, intelligence, a team-first attitude, and an insatiable desire to perform well. This is the guy you wanted as your paperboy. As a kid, Michael delivered his papers on or ahead of schedule every day. And that is exactly why Cross Sector clients enjoy working on projects with Michael today.

Contact Michael: nogelo@xsector.com



Dave Bechtel

Dave Bechtel, Senior Associate at Cross Sector Consulting, joined the company in 1999. Dave believes that Cross Sector brings value and opportunities to its clients through a simple formula: data + dialogue = direction. Dave immerses himself in all aspects of his projects, from finding simple messages in complex information (data) to conducting interviews, focus groups, and planning sessions (dialogue) to writing reports that crystallize opportunities for continuous improvement (direction). 

Dave combines analytic skills honed as an actuary with a diverse educational background. Dave earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, a Master's in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Doctorate in Education Policy, Planning and Evaluation from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to joining the Cross Sector team in 1999, Dave worked as Assistant Director of the University-Community Outreach Program in Philadelphia, and served as a Workforce Learning Consultant at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, where he helped organizations design and implement workforce-learning systems.

Dave leads many of the company’s evaluations and prefers a participatory approach that has earned him the moniker “The Humble Evaluator” among the Cross Sector team. His analytic abilities create value for philanthropic and community-based organizations interested in developing performance objectives, measurable outcomes, and methods to collect data. Dave has engaged education, youth development, health, and workforce development clients, among others, in data-based planning efforts. Dave has also led numerous successful grant writing efforts and developed a youth HIV prevention planning program that has become a national model.

Dave’s clients – and colleagues – know they must elevate their games when working with Dave. You’ll get a “next steps” memo within hours of finishing grueling planning meetings, and little time passes before the completion of tasks. Dave often says that much of the value Cross Sector brings to its clients involves simply doing what we say we will do. The irony, of course, is that “The Humble Evaluator” goes above and beyond with the unique blend of knowledge, optimism and energy he brings to every project and every day.  

Contact Dave: bechtel@xsector.com