Mark J. Nickel

Mark J. Nickel is Managing Partner of Cross Sector Consulting, LLP, serving a wide range of public-private partnerships as well as nonprofit, public sector and private sector clients. Clients recognize Mark for his ability to transform ideas into actions, his penchant to identify simple solutions, direct and candid leadership, and his unique constellation of skills.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire with a double major in business and psychology. He completed his graduate work at Western Michigan University in the area of Experimental Analysis of Behavior, and earned the prestigious University-wide Creative Scholar and Research Award at both the masters and doctoral levels. The field of experimental behavioral analysis offered Mark the opportunity to pursue behavior analysis, quantitative methods, behavioral pharmacology, and organizational systems. Today, Mark applies all of these skill sets – research, writing, quantitative analysis, and systems level analysis to the benefit of clients and their pursuits to make the world a better place.

In his 20 years with the company, Mark has assisted hundreds of clients complete strategic planning, organizational development, program design, program evaluation and fund development among others. He attributes successes in his career to working with talented, passionate clients and a gifted group of colleagues. Mark particularly enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems and appreciates the opportunity to build solutions that cut across traditional ways of thinking and involve non-traditional partners. He uses his ability to break down issues at the policy level or the behavioral level as a platform to engage clients in meaningful discussions.

You’ll hear Mark talk fondly about growing up in rural Wisconsin – his grandfather’s bar, his father’s funeral home, his grade school years at a small parochial school, and his work as a farm-hand. You’ll hear him talk about the importance of family and the gift of being present in any situation. These stories give you more insight about Mark’s unique perspective. They also represent the origin of the values and work ethic evident in Cross Sector’s team today.

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