Our sectors represent a comprehensive range of systems and perspectives 

Early Childhood and Education

The saying, "it takes a village to raise a child" has become cliché for a good reason. We gather families, neighbors and community organizations to support children as they grow, bringing the full breadth of our experiences and connections to our education work.

When we write grant proposals for after-school programs, we include teachers, parents, civic leaders, community members, nonprofits, and young people in the planning process. While helping communities develop early childhood plans, we involve early care givers, public schools, health providers, municipal officials, parents and other stakeholders. We coordinate statewide planning, drawing on our relationships with early childhood, K-12, higher education, public health, workforce development and philanthropic partners. This approach creates the buy-in from all members of a community needed to lift up children and their families.

Workforce Development

Ensuring that workers have the skills and abilities employers need plays a vital role in creating strong economies. We adapt and innovate our efforts with the public workforce system and its various partners.  

Employers’ hiring needs can change quickly. Our regional workforce development plans and programs are designed to improve the competitiveness of our workforce and support economic growth. Economies that cross geographic boundaries call for flexible and collaborative approaches within and across state lines. Our clients count on us to deliver solid analytics, planning, project management and evaluation.

Public Health 

The greatest wealth is health. Access to safe environments, healthy foods, high-quality health care and support services represent the most basic needs. We nurture partnerships that transcend traditional thinking about health care. Our planning work brings health care into homes, work settings, and communities. We change policy, environmental factors, and service delivery in ways that improve health outcomes and save money. The health care landscape continues to change quickly. Our clients rely on us to stay ahead of the curve, many times as pioneers of new models. 

Human and Social Services 

We know that people need more than food, clothing, and shelter. They need a sense of love and belonging, confidence and achievement, and opportunities to realize their potential. We understand how families, neighborhoods, communities and regions organize themselves to promote growth and development. Our diverse clientele allows us to continually refresh our perspectives, creating sustainable solutions for organizations and the communities they serve.